Emerald Cove Organic Sushi Nori

Sushi Nori Recipes from Emerald Cove

Emerad Cove Organic Pacific Sushi Nori is the highest “Silver Grade” pre-toasted nori. Ready to roll into your favorite sushi recipe! Here are a few sample recipes for you to try.

Available in 10 sheet and 50 sheet packages.

Stuffed Nori Cones
Yields 8 Cones

2 sheets toasted Emerald Cove® Nori
1 cup cooked brown rice
cup chopped watercress
cup grated carrots
4 Tbsp toasted sesame seeds
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp mustard
Watercress for garnish
1 Tbsp Emperor’s Kitchen® Premium Ryujin Umeboshi Vinegar
Cut each nori sheet into four quarters and set aside.
Place all remaining ingredients, except watercress, in a bowl and mix together well.

Carefully fold one piece of nori at a time into a cone shape. A drop of water will stick overlapping sides together.

Fill each cone with the mix, decorating the top with watercress, and serve.



Emerald Cove Recipes reprinted with permission

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