Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low in calories but rich in minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, enzymes and trace minerals which are low in land vegetables due to soil demineralization. These trace minerals help us maintain a healthy alkaline condition which helps us resist fatigue and stress. Sea vegetables contain all the elements essential to health including iodine, iron, zinc, B vitamins including B12 and D3 which are difficult to obtain in a diet low in animal foods. Sea vegetables are the oldest family of plants on earth. They are flexible to changes, tenacious and prolific, linking us to the primitive vitality of the sea. They strengthen our glandular and nervous systems.

Iodine is the main portion of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland which regulates metabolism, increases cellular reactions and oxygen consumption. It is an important element of alertness, growth and development, weight control and energy. The American diet is deficient in iodine. Also exposure to fluorine and chlorine in drinking water, bromine in dough conditioned breads and pesticides displace iodine in our bodies.

A person who doesn’t have enough iodine in its natural form will absorb the highly toxic radioactive iodine 131 which we are all exposed to in our everyday environment: nuclear power plants, weapons facilities and fall out from around the world. A preventative measure is to eat 3-5 grams a kelp or alaria a day. Sea vegetables also contain sodium alginate which is capable of binding with toxic radioactive elements or other heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury in your digestive track and naturally eliminated from the body.

There are also other important benefits of sea vegetables being studied: lower breast cancer rates, lower lung cancer rates and reduced tumor growths along with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Natural Lifestyle Sea Greens are a convenient way to reap the benefits of sea vegetables. We’ve chosen four different varieties of sea vegetables: Digitata Kelp, Longicruris Kelp, Dulse and Alaria for a balanced mix of sea vegetables representing different ocean depths, a variety of shapes, colors and nutritional values. The sea vegetables in Sea Greens are wild harvested, whole plants from a northeast Maine coast bay that is very clean and clear with visibility down to 30 feet. There is no boat traffic, harbors, factories, cities or nuclear power plants. The harvesters are very conscience people who take great pride in their work. They have been harvesting sea vegetables in the area for over 30 years. The sea vegetables are certified organic, first grade quality and hand picked at their peak season of nutrition.

Sea Greens are ground to a fine powder for easy assimilation and do not contain any additives, fillers or binders. Sea Greens are packed in 500mg vegetarian capsules.

Enjoy sea vegetables in your diet, and supplement with Sea Greens for optimal good health.

Organic Sea Greens

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Sea Greens
Sea Greens

Sea Greens 500mg Vegicap® 100’s
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