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Peppermint for Migraines
by debi athos

For the past couple of years, I’ve been getting an occasional migraine headache. I looked at my lifestyle to see if I could find out what I might be doing to trigger them as I had never really had many headaches during my adulthood. Overworking and too much computer time seemed to be what I would be doing when the migraines would erupt. I also researched other possible causes for my migraine headaches such as hormonal changes, lack of sleep, skipping meals, dehydration... as well as searched for and tried many natural remedies to find some relief.

Unfortunately, most of the natural remedies that I had found didn’t really help take the migraines away. They would only calm them down enough for me to think or to sleep. Then I came across a remedy that I’m thrilled to say finally not only calmed the migraine down like no other natural remedy that I had tried before, it also took the headache away most of the time. To my delight, one of my favorite scents was the natural remedy that helped my migraines ~ peppermint!

I discovered that peppermint oil relaxes the blood vessels and relieves migraine pain. I mix a couple drops of organic peppermint essential oil with a teaspoon of organic olive oil and massage into my upper temples, near the hairline (be very careful not to let the peppermint oil drip into your eyes,) across the top of my forehead and on the back of my neck. I’m still amazed with the effectiveness of this natural remedy. Sometimes it takes the migraine away completely and other times it will return several hours later and I just reapply the peppermint mixture and I’m happy again. The only negative part of it is that my husband, Tom doesn’t care for the scent of peppermint!

I’ve also read that peppermint tea would also be helpful along with the above external peppermint treatment. However, I have yet to experience a migraine to try test out the tea. 

Hope this is helpful to you. Let me know what your experience is with this remedy.
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Debi Athos is the editor of the Organic Living and Organic Shopper magazine. She is the founding director of the annual Organicfest ~ a FUNtastic celebration of everything organic and green in downtown Asheville, NC.  Debi is the mother of five, grandmother of five (with one granddaughter on the way) and she lives in Asheville with her husband, Tom and their
 youngest daughter. 

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