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Silit MiniMAX Enamel Cookware

 #6194 ~ Silit MiniMAX Lemon Green 4-Piece Set
$350.00 Introductory Special $299.00


With MiniMAX Silit staged a fireworks display of creativity and promoted a lifestyle of living art is not MiniMAX pot set, but a principle. Designed for everything that's fun and the boredom of working three small pots and five colors for the great pleasure: Energy Red, Yellow Crazy, Wild Orange, Lemon Green and Black Silargan are bright invitations for culinary experiments and extensive styling.

Whether solo, in the colorful mix of colors or tone on tone in the triple combination - MiniMAX is not just cooking. Meat and vegetable stew and frying and Servierpfanne act either as a soup station, tapas-maker, buffet decoration or design object on the shelf.


Silit MiniMAX Enamel Yellow Cookware
Silit MiniMAX Enamel Energy Red Cookware
Silit MiniMAX Enamel Yellow Cookware
Silit MiniMAX Enamel Energy Lemon Green Cookware
Silit MiniMAX Enamel Energy Lemon Green Cookware

 #6193 ~ Silit MiniMAX Yellow 4-Piece Set $350.00 Introductory Special $299.00



 #6192 ~ Silit MiniMAX Energy Red 4-Piece Set $350.00 Introductory Special $299.00

Silit MiniMAX Silargan Black Cookware Set
Silit MiniMAX  Silargan Black Cookware

 #6191 ~ Silit MiniMAX Silargan BLACK 4 Piece Set
Regularly $350.00
.......................... Introductory Special $299.00

Silargan ® - indestructible, easy to clean, nickel and antibacterial. 10 years warranty. Guaranteed for all heat sources including induction. Small size, Great pleasure. The little ones for the big effect. Ideal for healthy preparation, serving and storing small portions or for decorative creep. Space-saving stackable. View cover with high-quality stainless steel bezel cook for energy-saving cooking. Oven-, ergonomically shaped handles in polished stainless steel. Solid steel core with an extra energy-saving ground. Issued pouring rim for easy pouring.


Silit Silargan MiniMAX Cookware Set

MiniMAX is trend plus quality Made in Germany. The high-tech ceramic Silargan nickel-and anti-bacterial effect - healthy cooking, serving, stylish and hygienic storage are therefore defined on material already. The extra strong, solid steel core and the view from high-quality glass cooking lids work in teamwork for effective, energy-saving cooking.

The smart pots can be stacked to save space-refined and make everything. The drawn seamless pouring rim allows pouring Unerring, and the ergonomically shaped Ganzmetallgriffe are Oven stable and each pot is suitable for all kinds of stoves including induction. The robust and can cope also glanzbeständige surface cleaning by dishwasher.

Conclusion: MiniMAX is maximum vitality at minimal space. Confessing singles, friends, small portions, partyfreudige amateur cooks or ¬ oriented design aesthetes can enjoy themselves to their hearts and demonstrate a professional relationship individuality.

Silit MiniMAX® Enamel Cookware Sets
For cooking, serving and storing!

Pure Cooking Pleasure

Silit Pure Cooking Pleasure
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