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Tuesday Evening Lecture and Fitness Series

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM $ 10.00 Donation 46 Wall Street

Heart: The Unifier of Body, Mind & Spirit
with Michael Rossoff, L.Ac.

Summer is the season for Heart in Chinese medicine. This means that during the summertime the Heart receives its greatest renewal for the year. But it is also the time when the Heart is most vulnerable to injuries, especially due to excessive heat and excessive emotions. We will explore these dual issues along with the insights from Oriental medicine about the full nature of the Heart as the commander of all of our life energies. Further, it has direct influence on the mind and an array of emotions.

Your personal choices and health care during summer will have a direct effect on your health during the next season of fall. By making good choices during summer, you will guard against problems during the fall. We will take a close look at relevant factors from the models of the Five Transformations and Oriental medicine. You will learn fascinating insights into the relationship of the Heart and Kidneys, the organs and systems that are vulnerable during summer.  You will learn specific ways to protect these organs and organ systems.

You will learn specific recommendations for eating and drinking during the hot time of year to create best health. These recommendations include key, practical ways to apply macrobiotics.  You will also learn several important acupressure points for Heart and Kidney balance.  You will gain fascinating insights into the positive power of Fire energy for passion and action, for mental clarity versus confusion and negativity.  Now is the perfect time to discover ways to maintain good health during summer.

Michael Rossoff

Michael Rossoff, L.Ac., is an acupuncturist with over 30 years of experience.  He was the academic dean and a teacher at a college of Chinese medicine for 3 years.  He brings over 40 years experience in macrobiotic way of life.  During these years he has taught nationally and internationally, published a national magazine for 7 years and most importantly he has counseled thousands of people towards greater health.  He combines Chinese medicine and macrobiotic traditions into a unique and comprehensive form of personalized healing.  His dedication to healing shows in the attention to details and the scope of personal issues that are dealt with in a consultation.  He gives personalized dietary advice along with key lifestyle changes, herbal support and acupressure points.   Michael's perspective on healing combines short term improvements with the greater long term deeper healing that we all seek-on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
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Michael Rossoff, L.Ac.

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