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Organic Bedroom

Organic Bedroom Check List:
Organic Mattress
Organic Pillows
Organic Sheets & pillow cases
Organic Comforter
Organic Blankets
Organic Robes
Organic Rugs or Carpet
Organic Curtains
Natural, Sustainable Bedroom Furniture


Organic Slumber

Now that you eat healthy, organic foods, grow an organic garden, compost and use green cleaning products ~ it may be the perfect time to make the change to an organic bedroom.

While cotton is one of the most popular fibers in the world, it is also one of world’s most chemically sprayed crop. According to the Organic Trade Association, cotton alone is sprayed with “16% of the world’s insecticides, more than any other single major crop.” Not only is this not good for the environment and wildlife,  it’s unhealthy for the farmers and workers who are growing and harvesting the cotton and anyone who lives where cotton is grown.

As more and more people are adopting an organic lifestyle for health and environmental reasons, the demand for organic products beyond food has really grown. Shoppers are buying organic clothing, socks, shoes, towels, shower curtains, sheets, blankets and bedding.

A healthy bedroom is as important as a healthy diet. Today, the selection of organic products for the bedroom from your mattress and pillows to your sheets, comforters, floor and window coverings are available like never before,  for  you to create the purest space in your home for relaxation and rest. Companies large and small are making organic bedroom products that are sure to fit both your style and comfort while assuring the quality and earth caring commitment to purity for you and the planet. Stay tune ... for some of our favs here at Organic Living Magazine.

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