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Good Morning Breakfasts

Good Morning Breakfast Organic Chef Tom

In our family, I’m the breakfast chef and enjoy making everything from my popular porridge to Sunday morning pancakes. This morning I made organic pancakes with two of my young grand kids. They enjoyed measuring the ingredients, mixing the dry ingredients and their favorite part ~ whisking the wet ingredients to see who can whip up the most bubbles. Then the fun continued as they poured the batter onto the hot grill, making shapes of dogs, fish...

I hope that you enjoy preparing some of our family favorites. Tom

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Good Morning Porridge

My family enjoyed this porridge so much that we decided to market it and it has become one of our best selling products.           4 servings

1 cup Tom’s Good Morning Porridge
4 cups water
1 small handful  organic raisins
teaspoon sea salt

Hearty Oat Flake Cereal

Thick organic, low-heat rolled oat flakes make the best oatmeal you will ever eat. Our Organic Chefs Organic Rolled Oats are another Natural Lifestyle customer favorite.

1 cups organic oat flakes
4 cups water
1 small handful raisins
1 sprinkle organic cinnamon
1 small pinch sea salt

1. Bring water to a boil, add salt and pour porridge into pot while stirring constantly to avoid lumping.

2. Reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook for 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy with organic rice or soy milk, gamashio (sesame salt) or sweeten with rice syrup or maple crystals.

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1. Combine all ingredients into a large 4-5 quart pot and bring to a boil without a lid.

2.  When oats are boiling, reduce heat to a very low simmer, cover and cook for 15 minutes. Serve hot

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy with organic rice or soy milk, gamashio (sesame salt), fresh fruit or sweeten with rice syrup or maple crystals.

4 servings

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Organic Chef Tom’s Good Morning Breakfast Recipes

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